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How it works?

1. Passive candidates interested in startup job opportunities apply to join RiseHigh. Under 10% of candidates make the cut.

2. Tell us who you're looking to hire. We'll handpick the most relevant candidates from our platform, using our human-assisted algorithm.

3. Get relevant candidates pre-screened for skills and interest, sent straight to your inbox or ATS, within 1-2 weeks.

  • 10% under 10% candidates who apply to join RiseHigh are recommended to firms
  • 52% of candidates recommended by RiseHigh get interview invites with firms
  • 4x average cost savings vs. recruitment agencies per hire in 2015
Access quality candidates who are ready to move

Discover pre-screened candidates who are both qualified and actively interested in exploring new opportunities with startups.

Handpicked marketing, sales and business candidates

We'll send you handpicked candidates depending on your hiring needs; from marketers and operations managers to sales executives and business developers.

We let startups hire top non tech professionals

We let startups hire top non tech professionals, at a fraction of what recruitment agencies charge. Spend valuable resources on growing your startup and not paying agency fees.

Startups hiring through RiseHigh saved 500% vs. agencies in Q3/4

See our pricing plans: simple, fair and transparent.

  • “RiseHigh has been a great help with kickstarting our business in the UK. Our first full time hire came through RiseHigh and we are now even looking to fill vacancies in the global management team through RiseHigh, keep it up!”

    Michiel Bakker

    Michiel Bakker, UK Co-Founder at Bloomon

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  • “RiseHigh have provided us with access to excellent candidates who encompass key skills and experience required to succeed in a fast growing business.”

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    Catherine Hayes, Recruiter at Uber

  • “RiseHigh have consistently sent over candidates of exceptional quality – it’s great to find a company that has really understood what we’re looking for.”

    Lucidchart headshot

    Jess Summerfield, Hiring at GoCardless

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