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Your requirements will then be matched against 6500+ pre-vetted candidates on our platform, using 20+ data points

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Take 10 minutes to tell us who you’re looking to hire either directly on our platform, or through speaking to our team.

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Review your interview ready candidates alongside key details like their experience and salary expectations. Over 90% of interview invites made to candidates are accepted.

Matching startup talent, not selling with RiseHigh
Full focus on non-tech startup talent from London startups
Pay 2x less than agencies and find top startup talent with RiseHigh

We believe recruitment should be about matching, not selling.

Instead of aggressive ‘CV pushing’ and cold calls, we use data science and human curation to deliver quality matches.

Matching, not selling

Full focus on non-tech talent for London startups

We're the only curated hiring platform that focus only on helping startups with London based positions in sales, business development, account management, marketing, business operations and general mangement.

Pay 2x less than agencies

Our operationally efficient, tech-driven model allows us to charge half of what recruitment agencies charge. See in detail how you'll be able to further save.

Startups that don't use agencies use RiseHigh


Interview-ready candidates sent straight to your ATS

Hiring for startups - use these ATS to sort your startup talent

Made two sales hires saving £7300 vs average agency fees of 20%

Hired their marketing manager after interviewing only three candidates

Made two operations hire for their expansion team over a 60-days period

“RiseHigh have provided us with access to excellent candidates who encompass key skills and experience required to succeed in a fast growing business.”

Catherine Hayes, Recruiter at UBER


Uber found startup talent with RiseHigh

“RiseHigh has been a great help. Our first UK full time hire came through RiseHigh and we are now even looking to fill vacancies in the global management team through RiseHigh, keep it up!”

Michiel Bakker, UK Co-Founder at Bloomon

Bloomon found startup talent with RiseHigh

“RiseHigh have consistently sent over candidates of exceptional quality – it’s great to find a company that has really understood what we’re looking for.”

Jess Summerfield, Hiring at GoCardless

Access handpicked talent, pay 2x less than agencies

For VC-backed London startups hiring for salesmarketing and ops

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Join London's leading startups and tech firms

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Get matched with 4500 pre-vetted candidates 

Receive handpicked warm candidate leads 

Request interviews with candidates in one-click 

Interview acceptance rate averages at 30%

Get interview ready candidates in 7 days, with our most popular option:
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Get matched with 6500 pre-vetted candidates

Receive candidates who have confirmed interest in your role

Invite candidates to interview in one-click

Interview acceptance rate averages at 90%

All features from our Standard Plan for 50% less, and more:

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Full Search

(from 8%)

We'll actively headhunt and advertise your position on premium job boards free without charge (worth £500)

We'll take charge of screening inbound applications and will help set up interviews

Designed to maximise your candidate reach, save your team's time and speed up your hiring process

Products designed to fit different startup hiring needs

exclusive for sales, marketing and ops talent

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