5 proven early stage startups that’s hiring in London this week

5 proven early stage startups that’s hiring in London this week
Working at an investment backed early stage startup comes with it’s unique proposition. You get a real sense of what it’s like to build a company from ground up, with the security of a paid job, and in many case also the opportunity to earn a meaningful amount of equity or options.
Here are 5 startups that have recently raised a seed or Series A round, that are hiring in London through RiseHigh.co this week.

#1 City Pantry

What they do: City Pantry is a marketplace connecting London’s street vendors, pop-ups and independent chefs with big businesses that need catering. Launched in 2013, City Pantry recently secured £300k in investment to move forward with their ambitious goal of ridding the world of egg mayonnaise triangles, stale sandwiches and vol-au-vents, by disrupting the world of traditional corporate catering.

Founded: 2013 Team size: 7 see who you’ll work with Funding: £300k Currently hiring: developers, marketers and sales Site: Citypantry.com

#2 Chargifi



What they do: Chargifi is a wireless charging network that enables venues (like coffee shops, restaurants or hotels) to gather customer information in exchange for offering wireless charging to its guests. This great technology brings people convenient power where and when they need it most.

Founded: 2013 Team size: 17 see who you’ll work with Funding: $700k Currently hiring: Full stack developer, Android developer and International Sales Manager Site: Chargifi.com

#3 Pobble

What they do: One of the hottest EdTech startups in Europe aiming to improve children’s literacy through new technologies. Pobble’s platform enables teachers to share children’s work on an ‘online classroom wall’ and provides free writing resources to increase attainment. At the moment platform is being used in 100 countries around the globe. 

Founded: 2011 (as LendMeYourLiteracy) Team size: 11 see who you’ll work with Funding: $288.45k Currently hiring: Front-end, back-end and QA Site: Pobble.com

#4 Bloomon

What they do: Bloomon is disrupting the international flower industry which generates over €50 billion annually. 99% of the sector still operates offline and Bloomon is driving the industry’s shift to online. Their founding team consists of seasoned e-commerce experts from Rocket Internet, as well as former strategy consultants from BCG. After successfully scaling up in the Netherlands, they are now launching in London.

Founded: 2014 Team size: 37 see who you’ll work with Funding: $3.94M Job offerings: check here Site: Bloomon.nl

#5 Tailster

What they do: Tailster is the AirBnB for dogs. Their platform connects pet lovers with local dog sitters, boarders and dog walkers – with the aim of making the lives of dog owners easy and stress free by finding great homes for their pets when they go away.

Founded: 2014 Funding: $640k Job offerings: check here Site: Tailster.com

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