5 incredible employee perks in London startups

Uber credits, weekly Yoga classes and brand new MacBooks. Here are 5 unique employee perks offered by 5 leading London startups!

Startups are going beyond traditional perks such as unlimited snacks, coffee and drinks. The desire of companies to create greater levels of satisfaction now extends beyond the office walls, in recognition of the fact that happier employees will also be more productive employees. This new wave of interesting perks not only make the job more pleasant but also help employees develop and gain new skills along the way. 

1. GoCardless: A conference budget


Everyone knows how important it is to gain new skills and knowledge. In order to help employees maintain and expand upon their skillset, GoCardless has instituted a conference budget for every employee. Courses and books are also all covered by company policy.
Job openings: here

2. Uber: Credits for every employee

Uber employees are really lucky- the idea of connecting passengers with drivers by a mobile app is admired by people all over the world and they can use this now for free! New credits are given to employees every month. This is one way how to make your travel to work much more pleasant.
Job openings: here

3. TransferWise: All-expenses paid company holidays

TransferWise understands that a well-rested employee is an efficient employee. This is why the time to relax is equally important to them. This startup offers company holidays where all expenses are paid, twice a year. Watch this clip to see this amazing benefit in action!
Job openings: here

4. Onfido: Weekly yoga classes

In today’s busy world, keeping a healthy and balanced mind can be challenging. Onfido takes care of their employees’ well-being and offers them weekly yoga classes. Employees can also benefit from quarterly socials, which include cookery classes and private cinema trips.
Job openings: here

5. Pusher: MacBooks for all

Good equipment is necessary when working in the tech industry. To help employees achieve their best, Pusher provides all employees with MacBooks. Who says work isn’t enjoyable now?
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